Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Question 47

What would be the best present you could get this Christmas?


  1. I received the best present of ever early, on 29th November. A better present could be only spend this Christmas with my present...


  2. Maybe that beautiful bag that I've seen this morning in via Sparano; it could be the best Crhistamas /birthday present of all time.
    Usually I receive books or perfumes,this year I' d like to change, but I bet that my husband has just bought Camilleri's " La rizzagliata".

  3. Too hard to explain in English..;)
    I don't expect a special present. For me the "perfect present" is the one made with love. I like to be surprised from what people choose for me!

  4. Perhaps your present will become your future, Anonymous. ["the best present ever"; "the only thing that might be better would be spending this Christmas with my present"]

    Maybe he'll give you the book in the bag, Stefania.

    Better the perfect present than the present perfect, Francesca. ["...the 'perfect present' is one chosen with love"; "surprised by"]