Monday, 21 December 2009

Question 46

What is the best way to keep three small children amused while you're trying to work?


  1. Try with a scary dvd like "Monster House" or " the Corpse Bride "; it usually works.

  2. You invite their favourite aunt with an excuse and you let her play with them while you work...unfortunately my sister does so!!!!!!

  3. Try to send them to Adriana's house! My home is always full of children so I am equipped: I have all disney cartoons,lots of toys and then I like to play with children very much.
    Sometimes I enjoy myself more then my nephews! :)

  4. Is it really necessary that they were amused or is it sufficient they were silent? In this case, set fire to a puppet and tell them that will be their destiny if they keep making a mess.
    Naturally, make sure that no mum, granny or someone from "Telefono azzurro" watches at the scene...

    A lovely mum =P

  5. When I was a child, it was enough that my parents gave me some comic books or a box of pastels and some paper to draw on, to keep me amused and in silence but… those were the days! Today it is necessary to change the strategies so I would probably resort to the technology, placing the three children in front of a computer or electronic games. I don’t know if this could be the best way from an educational point of view, but it would certainly allow me to finish my work.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Stefania, but the three small children in question are more likely to scare the monsters ansd corpses than vice versa.

    My sister has done exactly the same with their uncle, Francesca!

    They are on their way to you, Adriana. Many thanks! Can I send you the other 14 as well? ("more than")

    I like your thinking, Lovely Mum, but the laws of nature forbid these children and fire from being in the same geographical area. ("Is it really necessary for them to be amused or is it sufficient for them to be silent?")

    Your reasoning is sound, Aleph, but battles for the control of the mouse mean the computer is not a viable option. ("When I was a child, it was enough for my parents to give me some comic books...")