Sunday, 13 December 2009

Question 39

What do you hate most about your computer?


  1. I hate most its weak immune system!It is full of virus and so very slow!The antivirus is useless!I decide to knock down it from my window on New Year's day!

  2. I absolutely hate my Internet because it doesn't work!

  3. I hate the slowness of my computer beacause it's full of programms and I don't delete programms beacause I use all.Maybe I will buy a new computer, but not now, or I will expand computer's componets to make it faster.

  4. My computer is changeable as me, I don't know why, but it leaves me just when I need it. I've tried to talk to it, I've tried to threaten it, but it goes on following its naughty abits.

  5. I shall make a point of not walking under your window on New Year's Day, Adriana. ("What I hate most is its weak immune system!It is full of viruses and so very slow! The antivirus is useless! I have decided to throw it out of my window on New Year's day!")

    I know exactly how you feel, Rossana!

  6. I put in extra ram and it has really speeded up my PC, Vito.("because"; " programs"; "I use them all"; "or I will put in extra ram to make it faster")

    You may simply need to resort to violence, Stefania. ("changeable like me"; "it lets me down just when I need it"; "it persists in its bad habits")