Monday, 7 December 2009

Question 33

Do you prefer the cinema or the theatre?


  1. Depends on the film or the opera which is represented, but in general I prefer to go to the cinema.

  2. I can't choose one rather than the other. I love them in the same way.
    Anyway, most of time the theatre is more involving..

  3. I prefer the cinema. There are things that can't be expressed on a stage of a theatre… Although the theatre is live and real, it doesn't often give me the same emotions that the big screen does. Usually, I give much importance to the photography, the colours, the shades, the special effects, the perspectives, the actors' expression in the foregrounds... all things that, in my opinion, can't be expressed in the same way at theatre. And then, the soundtrack is fundamental, for me.
    Furthermore....shall we discuss about the difference of costs???

  4. I prefer the cinema because it involves me more than the theatre.

  5. Generally I prefer go to the theatre because it is real and gives me more emotions than the cinema.

  6. I love them in the same way but theatre always gets me,especially opera. The next wednesday I'm going to Petruzzelli theatre to see the Turandot.

  7. Me too, Vito. ("Depends on the film or the play, but...")

    It's a good job they're not men then, Francesca! (Better to use "However" than "Anyway" here.)

    Cogently argued, Aleph! ("I attach a lot of importance to..."; "the actors' expressions in the close-ups")

    I find the same, Rossana. ("it gets me more involved")

    You're opening a whole philosophical can of worms by saying the theatre is "real", Daniela! ("...inspires a wider range of emotions")

    Then I shall ask you to sing "Nessun dorma" in next week's lesson, Adriana. ("Next Wednesday I'm going to the Petruzzelli theatre to see Turandot.")

  8. I prefer both. But, usually, I go to the cinema more often than the theatre, unfortunetly.