Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Question 28

What's your motto?


  1. ...This question makes me think at the Gialappa's Band...!Whatever,I don't have a motto, but if I should have one,may be "Why to put off at tomorrow that you could make today?",because sometimes I am a bit lazy...
    P.S:It' s very hard to answer this question!

  2. "Live as if you were to die tomorrow".
    Is this the reason why I'm not able to save money...?

  3. Oh no Paul!I have not a motto. You oblige me thinking about to find it from now on!:-)

  4. I haven't a motto but there is a sentence of a song by Baglioni that I repeat often: "you'll have your time for go away, you'll walk forgetting and you'll stop dreaming"

  5. As Beda said " Semper aut discere aut docere aut legere".

  6. my motto is:"live and let live"

  7. Still, you've answered it well, Adry. ("think of..."; "Maybe 'Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!'")

    Very possibly, Aleph!

    I shall look forward to hearing what you come up with, Maria. ("I have not got a motto. Now I'm going to have to think one up")

    I don't know the song, Francesca, but I have suggested a possible alternative to your translation. ("there is a line from a song by Baglioni that I often quote: 'you'll have your time to go away, you'll walk your way oblivious and your dreams will end'").

    Wow, Stefania! When I said your English was perfect yesterday, I didn't think you'd switch to Latin. Or wheel in the Venerable Bede...

    A noble sentiment, Daniela!

  8. I have two "motti". One is in Latin "festina lente" that means "slowly hurry up" and the other I read in a book "La ragazza delle arance" by Jostein Gaarder is " Who can't live now, will ever not live. And you, what do you do?"