Saturday, 5 December 2009

Question 31

Who would you most like to spend an evening with?


  1. I would most like to spend an evening with a fascinating man,who surprises and makes me smile. If this man were Johnny Depp,I would be very happy!

  2. I would most like to spend an evening possibly with some English-speaking people (in order I can practise the language!) who make me feel myself, who let me say whatever I want with the height of spontaneity, and with whom I don’t have to feel controlled, laughing all night and drinking beer.
    (Well…reading my answer again, I came across as if my ideal company were the Hooligans!)

  3. You're easily satisfied, Adriana. I'll give Johnny a ring and try to set up a date for you. "...who surprises me and makes me smile/laugh.")

    Hooligans are easy enough to find, Aleph, though whether they'll let you say whatever you want is open to question! (("so I can practise..."; "with whom I can say whatever I want/with whom I don't have to watch what I say...")

  4. I would most like to spend an evening with a famous actor. Oh! It could be fantastic! I could ask him about his job, his life, his films or shows!