Saturday, 19 December 2009

Question 45

What was the first song or piece of music you listened to today?


  1. Now I'm listening to the radio and there is "RAIN" of Mika.This is the first song of today because I get up 15 minutes ago!!

  2. The first song I listened this morning was Verve's "Lucky man" to my mobile phone after I got up, and for 15 minutes I listened some my favourite songs from my mobile phone such as "Live Forever" and "Cast no shadow" by Oasis when I made breakfast.

  3. Very early in the morning, I listened to " The Masterplan", one of my favourite song.

  4. I listened to "Superstiti" by Raf because this song makes me think about the guy I love. We have very different tastes about music and it's the first song we both like

    Silvia =P

  5. The first song I listened this morning was "Perfect day" by Lou Reed,one of my favourite singers.

  6. The piece of song I listened this morning was: "Alla parte non mi presto del povero Cristo" from the song "Un periodo pieno di sorprese" by Samuele Bersani.
    I associate this song to the poor President, who believes in these days of being a holy martyr and lends itself well to the part of Christ. It's strange but the Benigni's song about Berlusconi seems almost an omen.


  7. The first song I listened to today was "I have seen trouble", from the CD "1 Giant Leap" which is a project created by a musician and a director who decided to go around the world, equipped by a computer and a TV camera, recording images, voices and sounds. I particularly love the track above-mentioned because Michael Stipe (my favourite singer) gives his contribution singing some strophes in it.

  8. I listened my neighbour shouts...Nooooooooo!

  9. Evidently you like your sleep, Adry! ["they are playing 'RAIN' by Mika"; "I got up"]

    You find you can stomach Manchester accents at breakfast, Vito? [ The first song I listened to this morning was Verve's "Lucky Man" on my mobile]

    Do you have a masterplan of your own, Stefania? ["one of my favourite songs"]

    It must be an extraordinary relationship, Silvia! ["very different tastes in music"]

    A great choice, Adriana, though I prefer to listen to it in the evening. ["listened to.."]

    You'll be pleased to know, Loredana, that here in England too everyone is most concerned about the Italian prime minister's health. ["I associate this song with the poor President, who now believes he is a holy martyr and considers himself well-suited to the role of Christ"; "listened to"]

    It sounds like a good excuse for travelling round the world, Aleph. ["equipped with"; "I particularly love the above-mentioned track because Michael Stipe...sings some of the verses"]

    Try shouting back "YES! YES! YES!", Roberta, and see if it shuts her/him up. ["I listened to my neighbour shouting..."]