Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Question 35

What would most improve your quality of life?


  1. I have no doubt about this question. I have a good job, fantastic friends, my quality of life would improve by having a partner...probably also it would get worse by it, but it's ever worth it :)
    At the second place I would have more spare time to travel.

  2. My quality of life would improve if I had more free time:I realize that I'm neglecting my family to studying and I would prefer to spend more time with my nephews.

  3. More free time, less cold! and lots of money! :D

  4. The quality of my life would be most improved by more free time and more money, of course!

  5. the job and the possibility to travel a lot would improve the quality of my life and my incostant humour.

  6. Maybe living in Jamaica would most improve my quality of life... Ok, I'm kidding. Probably a bit of self-esteem would be enough to improve my quality of life.

  7. More assurance in myself would be improves the quality of my life

  8. Yeah, you might need to travel to escape from your partner, Francesca! ("Probably it would also get worse as a result, but it would be worth it"; "Secondly, I would have more time...")

    If you're good with children I can lend you some of my nephews and nieces too, Adriana...("I'm neglecting my family to study")

    Sounds like you need to escape from Scotland then Vittoria...

    Sounds like paradise, Rossana.

    Good luck with both, Maria! ("a job and the opportunity to travel a lot would improve the quality of my life and my changing moods")

    Jamaica in the cricket season would be worth a visit, Aleph.

    It will come, Adry, it will come. ("More self-confidence would improve the quality of my life")