Saturday, 12 December 2009

Question 38

When do you sing?


  1. I sing when I take a shower or when I'm happy.

  2. I sing loudly when I'm sad and there is nobody...and I sing when I'm happy with my nephews..unfortunately they remember me that my voice isn't like a mermaid..but as a BELL!!

  3. Generally I sing in my car while I'm driving, especially when I'm nervous, stuck in a traffic jam. And people in their cars who look at me think that I'm talking to myself as if I was crazy(and how to say they're wrong...?).

  4. I sing a lot in the course of the day, when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm with my daughters, but I don't succeed in singing in public because I embarrass. Perhaps one day I'll succeed in overcoming it and I'll sing with my special one some song such as "Fairy tale of New York"

  5. Because I sing very well I sing when I want to remember to myself that I have a natural talent.

  6. I sing ONLY when I'm respect of the ears of the others

  7. There isn't a particular moment. I sing whenever I listen to one of my favourite songs and who listen to me is not so happy!

  8. It's strange, I know, but I sing when I blow-dry my hair.

  9. So when you're happy AND in the shower, Rossana, do you sing extra loud?

    I shall avoid asking you to sing in class then, Francesca. ("I sing loud when I'm sad and there is nobody around...and I sing when I'm happy with my nephews..unfortunately, they remind me that my voice isn't like a siren but like a BELL!!")

    Where I live, most people in cars are crazy, Aleph. I wouldn't worry about it. ("and who is to say they're wrong?")

    Anonymous, I trust that your "special one" is not Jose Mourhino, because I really can't imagine him singing a Pogues song. ("I get embarrassed")

    So do you burst into spontaneous song in the street or on the train, Maria? (" remind myself..")

    That's very thoughtful of you, Adry. ("out of respect for..")

    How many favourite songs do you have, Adriana? ("..the person listening to me is not so happy")