Friday, 18 December 2009

Question 44

What's the coldest place you've ever been to?


  1. I think that the house of my mother in law is the coldest place where I've been to ; even in the middle of the winter, even when the polar bears freeze to death, all the windows are wide opened.

  2. I think that Alesund in Norway is the coldest place I've ever been, I went there in August but the cold was unbelievable! :)

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  4. No doubt, the coldest place where I've ever been to is a glacier on the Alps, near Madonna di Campiglio. The day I went up there the temperature was -18 degrees centigrade.
    By the way, some minutes ago, before reading the daily new question, I was considering that the coldest place ever is one of the toilets in our University, at the ground floor!

  5. I guess your mother-in-law likes fresh air, Stefania. ["the coldest place I've been to"; "open wide"]

    If you were cold there in August, I guess you won't be taking many winter holidays in Norway, Francesca.

    That sounds seriously cold, Aleph, and I shall make a point of never taking shelter in the ladies' toilets on the ground floor. ["the coldest place I've been to"; "a few minutes ago"]

  6. I think that my house refrigerator is the coldest place where I've been to; I had to take the milk to have my brakfast!