Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Question 56

What's your favourite accent?


  1. The Tuscan accent,in my opinion, is the most beautiful among italian accents.
    My boyfriend is Tuscan and maybe this has an influence on my opinion.:)
    My favourite foreign accent is the english one and this opinion perhaps depends on the fact that I have a very likeable prof!:)

  2. WhenI was very very young I fell in love with David Bowie; I listened " China girl " so many times that my mother threatened me to crush the recorder on my head. When the White Duke says "baby you 've just to shut your mounth " I still feel the shivers down my spine. He comes from Brixton so that's why I prefer London accent.

  3. An excellent last paragraph, Adriana! Is it your love of the Tuscan accent/boyfriend that helps you remember the capital "T"? Because, interestingly, you forgot the capitals for "English" and "Italian"...

    it's the Manchester accent that sends shivers down MY spine, Stefania, though probably not for the same reasons. ["I listened to "China Girl...";"my mother threatened to smash the tape recorder over my head", "I prefer the London accent"]