Sunday, 25 July 2010

Question 65

What's the best way to deal with humidity?


  1. To deal with humidity in summer is more problematic than in winter.I suggest that you buy an air conditioner (or a dehumidifier) and enjoy it, trying to spend most of your time at home. Steer clear of the sunshine but if you decide to go out, eat an ice-cream or drink some water along your your way, walking in the shade. Try to hang out in cool places and avoid drinking spirits (perhaps this is the most difficult aspect of the matter..!).
    Nevertheless, you might as well spend the dampest summer months in Greenland.

  2. Good advice, Aleph! I spent most of July hugging my air conditioning unit and now I've fled to the 17 degrees of north west England (which is not quite Greenland but in the right direction).
    By the way, we tend to use "damp" for the cold "umidita'" of the winter and "humid" for the hot summer equivalent.