Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Question 71

Is it true that real students don't protest?


  1. I think that the real student uses university only to take more informations as possible. He doesn't mix poitics with it, but he however must have an opinion about the facts.

  2. The protest is an expression of discontent. If the true students are the ones who are at home studying, it means that they have nothing to complain about, they don't feel damaged by harmful reformations, they are not afraid of their working future and they don't feel deprived of their rights. Therefore, more than "true", I would call them "privileged" students.

  3. The day after the approvation of the D.L. i had an examination, before the begin of it the professor read a letter, who somebody sent to all the students, that suggested us to give up to make the examination for protest. I thought that wasn't the correct form of protest because I pay taxes to study, I have a few possibilities to make examination and I know my duty is to study. Who wrote that letter says he is against the D.L. but for the role that he has he has the duty to actuate the D.L.. So I should give up to my straight to make examination and he can't leave his armchair? I think that the protest of those who represents us would have more success than the one of students themselves.

  4. I think that the real students are the groups of the people that they study for a better future.
    A better future doesn't build only on the books, but informing, reading newspaper and thinking. The real students take part in country life and they always express their opinions.
    If the country is indifferent to real students opinions and problems, they will have to protest for their future. The protest is a real right and duty toward their nation.
    The young people have a biggest quality: they are young and they can change the country life; they can be far-seeing.
    Gaber said "...Libertà è partecipazione", and the young people, real students, have to be free.
    They have to be free to thinking, speaking and studying.
    The culture is a better form of power.
    There are different kind of protest, the important thing is not to demage the pubblic property and to continue to study, it is very important to protest with intelligence.
    I hope that the country will open their eyes and ears to the real students voice.
    I forgot, I hope to be an real students :))

  5. it depends on the meaning you give to the word "protest".

    it knows many ways...

    - chiaraluz