Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Question 61

What's your favourite city and why?


  1. London is my favourite city. I've loved it since I was a child. It's so free,so glam, so accessible, so perfect in its imperfection... It's the only place where I feel a complete sense of freedom and constantly young.

  2. I love Fort Lauderdale, in Florida, beacause there I have all I need: sun, beach and high temperature!

  3. London's a great city to visit, Aleph, but I found it wasn't always such a good place to live.

    Not too humid then, Vito? ["...high temperatures"; "to have a high temperature" suggests fever]

  4. In my opinion, the best place for each of us should be our native land. There we have the nicest memories and we are linked for ever. Although there are many wonderful cities in the world, objectively fascinating and immense, about me, the only place that I'll have in the heart for ever is my little town in the country, Rutigliano....